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Meet Dr. Lynn Butler

I was told I would be in pain the rest of my life!”

Dr. Lynn Portrait

Dr. Lynn welcomes you to Butler Chiropractic

While in college studying Physical Therapy, Dr. Lynn found inaccurate information about chiropractors was abundant. Then she was injured in a whiplash accident.  A fellow student, who later also became a woman chiropractor, told her she had received tremendous relief from chiropractic. After that she was on a secret mission to find out the truth.

She visited a DC to find out how chiropractors are trained and what they do without telling him she was in constant misery herself. He didn’t know when he showed her a reversed neck curve on an x-ray that it looked just like hers.  She was suffering needlessly with daily headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, vertigo, motion sickness and a lot of PAIN in her neck, back and arms. Her fingers were numb on one hand and losing strength.  Her vision was affected. She couldn’t concentrate at times and was losing sleep.  Most of all she was discouraged…at a young age she had lost the ability to enjoy the things she loved the most.

When she finally tried chiropractic care it changed her life.  She and her patients are so glad someone shared their chiropractic story and that she took the time to seek the truth!

Dr. Lynn’s Educational Experience

After her BS degree, motivated by her own healing, Dr. Lynn attended Northwestern College of Chiropractic (now called Northwestern Health Sciences University). She enjoyed learning about the Nervous System, Physiology, Radiology, Pathology and Embryology among others.  Special classes in chiropractic technique for pregnant women and children were among her favorites.  She later taught both as an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern College of Chiropractic.

Automatic, Innate Intelligence

Dr. Lynn skiing

Dr. Lynn enjoys cross country skiing

When you burn your finger your arm jerks away automatically because the spinal nerve that senses the pain and heat communicates with the spinal nerve to your arm muscle, telling it to move, all before your brain knows what happened.  It is automatic, innate intelligence.  Dr. Lynn assists her patient’s bodies to heal themselves.  Her spinal and cranial techniques are mostly sought by people referred to her who want a woman Chiropractor, a doctor who listens to them and is gentle.  She treats all ages and cares for both men and women.

Drs. Lynn and Don are happily married, have four children and grandchildren. They enjoy working together.  Before they met she was a hang glider rated to fly high altitude and he was a Jumpmaster in the military.  She enjoys skiing, hiking, mountain biking, camping and kayaking in rivers and lakes.  She is an author and public speaker.  She is thankful to be a survivor of breast cancer.

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