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Regular Visits

Dr. Lynn adjusting a patient

We welcome patients of all ages at Butler Chiropractic

A Regular Office Visit does not require as much time

Some patients are concerned that further visits might be longer time investments like the first and second visits. Good news! Our regular office visits do not typically require the in-depth length of time as your first and second visit. Although they are shorter, they are just as important!

Once we are familiar with your case, treatment visits take less time, usually fifteen minutes or less, but may vary depending on your needs as a patient and the type of treatment you require. A typical office visit involves updating us on your symptoms, a brief examination, review of past treatment and then today’s treatment.

Each visit is important in the sequence, as one correction builds on the previous one. Missing a visit can cause your body’s healing to lose momentum and backslide or be delayed.

Massage Therapy at Butler Chiropractic is available and very beneficial to your health.  Massage appointments can be scheduled in 30, 60 or 90 minute increments.
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