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Your First Visit at Butler Chiropractic

Butler Chiropractic Waiting Room

Our waiting room is warm and welcoming

What the initial examination entails

We may conduct a computerized thermal scan of your spine. This painless, non-invasive test helps us identify some of the areas at risk and is safe for children and pregnant women. It is especially helpful to narrow down which of several problem areas is causing your symptoms.

If the doctor decides it is necessary we may take x-rays. Our state-of-the-art digital in house x-rays are taken standing or weight-bearing whenever possible so we see your spine with the effects of gravity and posture.

A typical new patient visit takes 60-90 minutes.

Here are some tips to save you time:


We are here to assist you

  • have your photo ID, insurance card and list of medications ready when you check in
  • complete your paperwork ahead-of-time, it’s available on this website
  • wear comfortable clothing such as a pair of shorts or sweat pants, or a t-shirt
  • take off belts, jewelry and any metal
  • if your injuries are the result of an auto or work accident, fill that paperwork out ahead of time, it is available on this website
  • notify your work supervisor prior to your visit if this is a work injury
  • please avoid fragrances such as perfume or cologne for our sensitive allergy patients
  • please turn off your cell phone while in our office

Please contact Butler Chiropractic today to discuss your options!

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